My Ballerina's First Recital

Last night MiniM.E. had her first dance recital.  It was a big deal for her to start dance this fall since she had never taken a class where moms and dads had to wait outside before.  She has done so well and was so excited (and also very nervous) about dancing on the stage for the first time.

We had to get there very early to make sure we were the first ones so we could sit right in front, and also so MiniM.E. could check out the stage before she had to dance on it.

LittleL.G. delicately admired the tree:

and MiniM.E. made sure she looked her best:

before a pre-dance photo:

MiniM.E. wowed us all by going to sit with other dancers all on her own before the performance started:

MiniM.E. and A.

waiting for their turn!
 It was quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen:

We were so proud of her for getting up on the stage and dancing.  She loved it so much she even got back on the stage after it was over and everyone had left and danced by herself.  On the way home she was sad there wouldn't be another recital until the spring.  Way to go MiniM.E., Ballerina!!

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