Merry Christmas!

Since everyone went to bed so late last night, we were hoping for a late start to the morning.  I guess 6:30 is later than, say 5:00am.

MiniM.E. asked Santa for some surprises this year, so no one knew what to expect when we walked into the living room.  Looks like Santa wants the kids to be musicians, because he brought a drum, cymbals, a ukulele, a mini drum set and lots of small instruments.  The girls were so excited.  Our ears were to.  Who plays cymbals at 7am!?!?

It was hard to hold of the girls from the presents by the tree, but we convinced MiniM.E. to open the stockings and take a breakfast break.

It almost worked, but then MiniM.E. wanted to give LittleL.G. the present she picked out for her:

And she wanted to open LittleL.G.'s gift for her:

LittleL.G. wanted to try some shoes too

I got a new camera lens, which takes amazing photos... though I am still learning:

It was a pretty fantastic day.  MiniM.E. couldn't get through her presents fast enough, and LittleL.G. opened one present and didn't want to play with or open anything else all day.  But it worked out because MiniM.E. got to "help" open LittleL.G.'s other presents and everyone seemed happy to give and get and enjoy each other's company.  Not to mention the 65 degree weather which let us play outside, the fantastic prime rib dinner, and lots of cookies and snacks.  

Merry Christmas!

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