A Busy Saturday

Nothing says busy like the Saturday before Christmas.  Finish wrapping presents and picking up last minute gifts, get the baking done, start packing- if traveling is involved... and then for our last Saturday before Christmas, add in bowling birthday party, a last skating class with skills demonstration, and of course TWO trips to the grocery store.  It was indeed a BUSY day.

We started at the bowling alley at 10:30.  Cute idea for a party and turns out both girls love bowling, but there were so many kids and so many parents not paying attention to whose turn it was that there were not nearly enough turns at actually rolling the ball and much too much waiting.
LittleL.G. rolling like a pro

MiniM.E. so excited she couldn't stand still
We thought we would have time to kill between bowling and skating, but after the bowling and pizza and cake and presents and playing at the arcade, we had only just enough time to stop at the grocery store to pick up cookies for the last skating class (which invited spectators and snacks to share).

Since the last time I saw her skate, MiniM.E. improved drastically! I am so impressed at how well she is doing!!

After the skills demonstration, MiniM.E. was so excited to be skating that she wanted to stay for the entire free skating time too.  Which was great, aside from the fact that lots of kids and siblings were heading out... past the snack table.  And lots of hockey families were coming in for the upcoming game... past the snack table.  So that by the time MiniM.E. was out of her skating gear and we were ready to hit up the snacks, all the cookies that she was so excited to bring had been eaten.  

To avoid horrific tired, hungry meltdown, back to the store we went.  Where we quickly found a new container of cookies and proceeded to start eating them IN the bakery department.

It was a long day so I was feeling pretty lenient and as we stopped to talk to some friends, my one year old decided the best and only place to eat a cookie (at 4:00, right before dinner) was in the middle of the floor.  Complete with making sure all crumbs and sprinkles were cleaned off the floor and shoveled into her mouth.  "Mom of the Year"-worthy photo:

Even though it was busy, it was actually a really fun day.  Bowling was a blast, we got to see a barbershop quartet sing Christmas carols at the store, and MiniM.E. did a fantastic job at skating.

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