Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

After all the pre-holiday excitement, MiniM.E. was even more excited that it was the real deal today.  We dressed up (and painted faces, per MiniM.E.'s request- who could say no, and how cute is a butterfly-firefighter?) and headed downtown for Saratoga's Harvest Festival.

The main event (for MiniM.E.) was the pumpkin rolling.  She had been waiting since last year and reminded me every time we walked or drove past Caroline Street that "that's where pumpkin rolling is!

It did not disappoint.  She was faster and stronger this year and came in second place in one of the races!

intrigued onlooker

It was ridiculously crowded downtown, maybe because Harvest Festival was actually ON Halloween this year, so we made it to the petting zoo:

And the carousel:

But couldn't really enjoy the festivities because of the crowd.  Fortunately, MiniM.E. had her first ice skating lesson this afternoon, so we had to cut our visit short anyway.

I had to stay home with a napping dalmation, so I have no documentation, but according to MiniM.E. this year she is "skating around the whole rink!" so I can't wait to see it myself!

After skating we dressed up one last time and made the rounds in our neighborhood.

It was another exhausting, but exciting, day.

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