Cutting Down the Tree

This weekend began my favorite time of year, the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  To start our Christmas season we went to Bob's Christmas Trees to cut our tree.  It is definitely a drive to get there and both girls were a bit cranky since having company and lots of activity really tired them out.  The weather was less than ideal, cold and drizzly, but I can't give up the tradition of cutting down our tree to get one from a tree lot or get a fake one, so we pushed through. 

It was also a bit difficult because MiniM.E. now has a preference for trees and was insistent we find one that she thought was "the best one at the whole tree farm!"  It took almost an hour, but we did it- we found the best tree at the whole farm!

Once we cut down the tree, we went to see the reindeer.  MiniM.E. was disappointed that the wagon ride we'd been on last year wasn't open because of the weather, but this year the reindeer were a lot more interested in us than they were last year, so that sort of made up for it.

I had LittleL.G. in the Ergo so I don't have photos of her by the reindeer but for some reason deer are her favorite animal and she was SO EXCITED by the reindeer that she was almost JUMPING out of the carrier.

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