More Ballet, Walking Practice and Playground

Yesterday MiniM.E. had ballet after a week off because of Columbus day.  Like anytime we have a break from something a little stressful (usually involving not being with Mommy), MiniM.E. was not overly thrilled about going even though she almost cried last week when we didn't have it.

But even though she was anxious as we arrived, she bounced into the room with the other girls and had a great time.  With LittleL.G. to entertain while we wait in the hall its tricky getting photos without a baby banging on the door distracting the dancers, but they were too cute not to watch for a little while.

Back in the hallway while we were waiting, LittleL.G. was practicing her walking.  She's getting pretty good! (Ignore my ridiculous grin and clapping!!)

Today, we wanted to enjoy the nice weather and went back to the new playground in Milton with our friends.  LittleL.G. practiced some more walking and the big girls climbed and swung and went down the huge slides.

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