Flavor Feast, and Ellms (Take 3)

What an Indian Summer.  The past few days we didn't even want to play inside during LittleL.G.'s naps, it was so nice out!  We had great activities to keep us busy while we enjoyed the sunny, warm weather.

Saturday we went downtown for the Second Annual Flavor Feast.  Tasty food & family activities outside all day?  Yes please!

While Daddy and I enjoyed lots of food samples from many of the local restaurants, MiniM.E. did some art projects and ran around and LittleL.G. enjoyed people watching.  There was a free trolley ride which MiniM.E. loved.  

And of course we rode the carousel.  LittleL.G. is still not a fan.

Yesterday we decided to go to Ellm's since it was a day off from school and it was supposed to be beautiful weather and the dads were at work.  In the three years we have been coming to Ellm's I have never seen it as busy as it was yesterday.  We had to wait in line to get in, and people were still waiting in line when we left.  Thankfully our girls were all very patient in line, and once we got inside there was enough to keep everyone busy that nothing was too crowded to do (except get cider donuts, which I have promised to MiniM.E. on a future date).

It was a nice mommy-daughters outing.  And even though we didn't stay for more than a few hours yesterday, we'll be back Wednesday for birthday party.

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