Bike Ride and a New Playground

Wednesday after work we met Daddy at the Zim Smith trail for a bike ride.  Now that MiniM.E. is two-wheeler proficient, we thought she might enjoy a bike ride.  Which she did, for about 7.5 minutes.  Good thing we brought the kid seat for the bike and the bike trailer.

LittleL.G. wasn't really a fan of the bike ride, but both girls had a great time at the playground we ride to (and the playground when we got back to the parking lot).

Today we visited a brand new playground. It is an all inclusive playground designed to be used by children of all abilities and it is RIGHT by our old house.  Which makes me a little sad that we don't still live there.  BUT it is definitely worth the drive.

baby swing and real swing together? genius!

And a visit to anywhere near the old house warrants a visit to the "old Hannaford" which MiniM.E. loves.

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