A Weekend of Birthday!!

We started birthday weekend (actually, it was more like birthday week since LittleL.G.'s birthday was Tuesday) Thursday on MiniM.E.'s actual birthday.  Gram was there to celebrate, but it wasn't our "big" celebration, in fact, there wasn't even any cake.  MiniM.E. got to choose the day's activities so we had ice cream for breakfast, went to the TreePaad, had breakfast for lunch and she had plenty of time to play with Gram.  Both girls opened their birthday presents from Mommy and Daddy when Daddy got home from work.
new camping chairs

MiniM.E. was so excited because ALL she wanted for her birthday was an American Girl Doll, and she finally got one after months of waiting!

LittleL.G. was most impressed with all the paper lying around for her to tear into confetti sized pieces (which I am still finding all over my house).  She loves the toys she got now, but at the time I think she was a little bewildered by the whole experience.

We didn't do a cake celebration because Thursday was also Daddy's birthday, so we went out for his birthday dinner while Gram stayed home with the kids.

On Friday MiniM.E. had school and we did some preparing for the weekend party.
LittleL.G. enjoying her chair

Saturday we had a small party for both the girls with fancy cakes and a big tent and lots of balloons (per MiniM.E.'s request).  Originally she also requested that the party be just us, but with all that work we had to have at least a few extra guests to make it worth it, but we tried to keep it small so the girls wouldn't be too overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, the day was super chilly and windy (but no rain!!) so most of the party was inside and we didn't make much use of the tent and balloons.  At least they looked pretty from the windows.

The highlight of the party was definitely singing and cake.

what are we all waiting for?
why are all these people singing and staring at us?

let me help you with that

It was so cute to give LittleL.G. her smash cake because MiniM.E. has been so excited about it since we started talking about parties months ago.  She couldn't wait to watch LittleL.G. go at it.  I was hoping (mostly for MiniM.E) that it would be a little more exciting than MiniM.E.'s first birthday smash cake (which she did not smash but offered to us in the most adorable way), and it certainly was.  

post cake "cake dance"

 MiniM.E. is at the age where present opening was the most important part of the party.

After some of MiniM.E.'s friends left, LittleL.G. took a book break with Aunt Donna

Sunday MiniM.E. and LittleL.G. had a few more small gifts and opened their big gifts from Gram and Grumpy.  They are two spoiled little girls.

And to top of Birthday Weekend MiniM.E. had her "just us" party with a cake that she decorated all by herself.  She loved every minute of her 4th birthday.

Today she woke up so sad that it was all over and "all the fun people are gone and even Daddy has to go to work!" *sigh*  But after talking about it, she realized that even though sometimes we feel let down after big, fun events, it's better to have all the fun and feel disappointed it's over than to not have it at all.  I think she's already looking forward to birthday #5.

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