TreePaad and Malta Community Day

Thursday we headed to one of our favorite "inside activity" locations, the TreePaad.  It actually wasn't a terrible day, but rain was in the forecast and it was a great opportunity to go since all the big kids are back in school.

When LittleL.G. wasn't riding in this car:

I was chasing her around, so I don't have much documentation of our trip other than this slide video:

but we had a blast and I definitely see us there a lot once it gets cold.

Friday MiniM.E. had a great day at school.  We celebrated with lunch and ice cream downtown.

Yesterday was Malta Community Day which we have been to the past few years and both the girls had a great time.  It was a nice fall-weather day and it was fun to do something outside.
MiniM.E. loved the inflatable slide

and the pony ride.

LittleL.G. got a pony ride too!

and MiniM.E. climbed to the top of this for the first time

and sat in this car with a cheesy smile? (Bob took this one)

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