MiniM.E. Takes Dance: Take 1

Yesterday MiniM.E. started ballet class for the first time.  (Let's pretend last year's attempt at taking dance class for the first time at the YMCA didn't happen since they didn't allow the parent participation the program description called for and since they actually didn't teach any dance so we asked for a refund.)

She has been so excited for the past few weeks.  She loves watching ballerinas and was thrilled when her dance outfit came- leotard, tights and ballet shoes.  But boy, when those TAP SHOES arrived, she found her new love.  What kid wouldn't want to dance around in shoes that make extra noise?!?!?

I was a little concerned about how she would do because she has repeatedly told me she doesn't want to take any classes that Mommy can't come to (I am flattered that she wants me to be there for everything), it is at 4:30- right at the time of day when everyone realizes they are tired and hungry but it isn't quite time for dinner, and it is on a school day and school WEARS. HER. OUT.

After a bit of a crying moment at the beginning, she did GREAT! She participated in everything, listened to directions, and even danced in the middle of the circle, which was optional.

Bursting with pride for my almost four year old.

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