Lots of SPAC!

Technically, SPAC is the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.  But for some reason, since we've lived here (and especially at the old house where we were only minutes away), we have called the Saratoga Spa State Park, SPAC.  I guess since SPAC is at the state park?  Anyhow, its been more than four years, so there's no changing it now... 

We have been to SPAC every day this week.  It always sounds nice to go and take a walk on the trails there or visit one of the many playgrounds, but from our house now it takes a good 20 minutes- 25 with traffic, to get there and the girls would probably choose to do something else.

But since school started, we are already halfway there when I pick her up.  And she is so excited about riding her bike that it gives us someplace new to practice.  And who can say no to playground and picnic lunch?

So Monday we practiced biking and had our picnic lunch at the playground.

Yesterday we took a walk with our friends in the late afternoon.  ALL the girls biked (which was adorable) and then ALL the girls got tired.  Here they are taking a break: 
too cute! being a preschooler is rough!

a tailgating, post work-out snack break
 Since MiniM.E. is a creature of habit, she requested playground and picnic after school today too.  So we headed to SPAC, did a bike loop, and found a new playground we've never tried.  Check it out in the back of this LittleL.G. photo: everything is nature inspired- fake rock steps, fake log climbers and slide supports, rope ladders... very cool.

Definitely our new favorite shade playground.

MiniM.E. wants to find them all.  I'll keep you posted!

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