Lake George Jazz Festival

Yesterday we met up with some friends at the Lake George for the Jazz Festival.  It was a relaxing afternoon with a few jazz concerts.  We set up our camping chairs and a picnic blanket close enough to see the beach and the playground and hear the music.  MiniM.E. and O. could play in the sand while LittleL.G. played on the blanket.  

The weather was perfect.  Comfortable in the shade and warm in the sun.  So warm that even though we didn't bring suits, the girls both went swimming!

We listened to music, played on the playground and in the sand and took a few walks.  We had such a great time that we decided to stay for the fireworks at 9:15.  LittleL.G. fell asleep at 7:30 and MiniM.E. didn't last much longer, curling up in the wagon for a rest around 8.  We woke her up for the fireworks but she was so tired I'm not sure she ever really woke up.  LittleL.G. woke up and was beyond excited to see fireworks, but in typical MiniM.E.-fashion, she decided half way through that the fireworks were too loud and we had to go home.  Oh well.  It was nice to relax by the beach and at least we got to see a few fireworks.  Maybe she will like them more next year.

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