Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Friday was hot and sticky so we planned the spray ground for the afternoon to meet up with a new friend.  Of course, it had to pour an hour before we planned on meeting, but MiniM.E. was set on spray ground and we were all packed up to go, so we decided to brave the wet ground and give it a try.

Despite the less oppressive heat and soggy playground equipment, it was actually a really fun spray ground afternoon.  We had the whole place to ourselves for a while, MiniM.E. had more fun running through the sprinklers than I've seen in a while, LittleL.G. would have stayed in the swing the whole time if I let her, and of course... the merry go round:

Saturday we did some things around the house... but most importantly it was a day of firsts. 

MiniM.E. learned to do this:

We are so proud.  And she is so excited.  I am not sure I've ever seen such a little person ride such a small bike!

And she had her first camp out with Daddy in the back yard.  I was impressed- she fell asleep in the tent and made it until 4am!  Better than I probably would have done... 

Sunday and Monday we lucked out and went to BBQs instead of hosting them here.  Not that I didn't want to clean my house and cook lots of food... Wait, actually... I didn't want to clean my house or cook lots of food- so it was perfect.  Instead of worrying about everything, we brought dips and fancy Nutella star bread we saw on the internet.  Perfect.

cutest tractor driver and wagon cargo ever!

"I'm not sure about this!!"

"Hi Baby M.! Let me touch your hair for the next 20 minutes..."
And now it is the Tuesday after Labor Day... where did the summer go?  I can't believe MiniM.E. starts her second year of preschool tomorrow... 

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