A Busy Weekend

Last weekend, in typical end of August fashion, was a bit hectic and crazy.  So much so, in fact, that I have exactly zero photos of our last weekend in August.... It was a baby shower, date night, birthday party, baby sitting blur! But even though it was busy we had a good time.

Today we took a relaxing trip to the pool.  I packed only one bag and figured we would stay as long as we lasted.  Sadly, our new favorite hang out, the kiddie pool with the mushroom fountain, was closed because all the life guards are back at college.  Still, we brought our toys to the big pool, braved the chilly water and had a good time.  In fact, we stayed well into LittleL.G.'s nap time.

MiniM.E. did a lot of jumping in and even jumped off the wall into the (two foot deep) water without her floatie!

It wore both the girls out.  Well, it wore MiniM.E. out.  LittleL.G. was ready to play and MiniM.E. wouldn't get up for anything!

Yesterday we had a playdate with our Tuesday Playgroup.  MiniM.E. always wants to hold LittleL.G. and cuddle her and have her fall asleep in her arms, but LittleL.G. wants nothing to do with being restrained or cuddled or held (unless she is tired and it's Mommy doing the holding).  So when MiniM.E. got to cuddle BabyM. she was thrilled.

H. checking on her little sis
LittleL.G. seemed a little jealous!

Visiting with BabyM. has brought on a storm of "if we have another baby we should name it..." and we get some pretty interesting names: Beatrice, Cantaloupe, Madeline.  Not for a while, MiniM.E...

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