Lunar Eclipse

We were driving home from NH when the lunar eclipse started, and even though I was a little disappointed that we weren't home to sit outside and watch it, we probably actually saw more of it driving in the car than we would have at home.

We made it home just as the moon was entering the full eclipse and I managed to get a reasonable photo from our back deck before we went to bed.

It was pretty exciting to see something that hasn't happened before in my entire lifetime!


A Quick NH Visit

We went back to NH with Gram to help her get ready for a yard sale.  I had to go through lots of my old stuff and help organize and price and all that other fun yard sale stuff, so Grumpy and Daddy did a lot of playing with the girls.

There was a lot of fun stuff to look through in the basement.  The best find was this priest costume.  Hilarious.  Especially looking back to MiniM.E.'s Halloween costume choice from last year!

Halloween 2014


Apple Picking Field Trip

Gram came to visit for a few days on Wednesday and since LittleL.G. naps during MiniM.E.'s time at school, Gram took MiniM.E. on her apple picking field trip so LittleL.G. could nap at home.

Fortunately, Gram takes a lot of photos too!

They had a great time (except that MiniM.E. made Gram sit in the back of the bus and it was SO bumpy!)


Playgrounds and Pumpkins

"don't make me go down the slide AGAIN mom!!"

Being on a Schedule is Exhausting!

As the summer wore on, I was definitely looking forward to getting back on a schedule this fall.  Now that fall is here we are all having a hard time adjusting.  Except LittleL.G.- as long as she gets her naps, yogurt sticks and books, she is happy. 

I feel like every moment of our days is scheduled between school, LittleL.G.'s naps, activities and play dates.  I know it is good for us and in a few weeks it will feel easy, but for now, it is stressful to be on a schedule after months of unscheduled-do-whatever-we-want days.

MiniM.E. is feeling it too.  She loves school but I can tell it wears her out.  Add on our other activities, and this smiley little girl:



Dance Take 2!

MiniM.E had her second dance class yesterday and loved it.  I can't get over how cute lots of little girls in tutus are!


Ellm's Family Farm Opened This Weekend!

And because it is by far MiniM.E.'s favorite thing about fall (and possibly the whole year) we had to go!  She has been waiting to go back to Ellm's since it closed last year.  It was even better this year because in addition to all of our favorite things like the zip line and the moo moo choo choo they added a new train, a new jumping pad, some jumping tires and more!

MiniM.E. was off and running from the start but LittleL.G. isn't quite walking yet and most of the Ellm's activities are a little too much for her so she was stuck on Mommy's back for a while...

But after seeing MiniM.E. on the roller coasters, she was ready to play too!

She even wanted to try the big roller coaster!

new train family selfie

old jumping pillow
new jumping pillow

tube slide

moo moo choo choo

MiniM.E. loves Ellm's so much and LittleL.G. had a good time even though she is too small for some of the fun so we bought season passes.  How could we not!? See you soon Ellm's!


Lake George Jazz Festival

Yesterday we met up with some friends at the Lake George for the Jazz Festival.  It was a relaxing afternoon with a few jazz concerts.  We set up our camping chairs and a picnic blanket close enough to see the beach and the playground and hear the music.  MiniM.E. and O. could play in the sand while LittleL.G. played on the blanket.  

The weather was perfect.  Comfortable in the shade and warm in the sun.  So warm that even though we didn't bring suits, the girls both went swimming!

We listened to music, played on the playground and in the sand and took a few walks.  We had such a great time that we decided to stay for the fireworks at 9:15.  LittleL.G. fell asleep at 7:30 and MiniM.E. didn't last much longer, curling up in the wagon for a rest around 8.  We woke her up for the fireworks but she was so tired I'm not sure she ever really woke up.  LittleL.G. woke up and was beyond excited to see fireworks, but in typical MiniM.E.-fashion, she decided half way through that the fireworks were too loud and we had to go home.  Oh well.  It was nice to relax by the beach and at least we got to see a few fireworks.  Maybe she will like them more next year.


Lots of SPAC!

Technically, SPAC is the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.  But for some reason, since we've lived here (and especially at the old house where we were only minutes away), we have called the Saratoga Spa State Park, SPAC.  I guess since SPAC is at the state park?  Anyhow, its been more than four years, so there's no changing it now... 

We have been to SPAC every day this week.  It always sounds nice to go and take a walk on the trails there or visit one of the many playgrounds, but from our house now it takes a good 20 minutes- 25 with traffic, to get there and the girls would probably choose to do something else.

But since school started, we are already halfway there when I pick her up.  And she is so excited about riding her bike that it gives us someplace new to practice.  And who can say no to playground and picnic lunch?

So Monday we practiced biking and had our picnic lunch at the playground.

Yesterday we took a walk with our friends in the late afternoon.  ALL the girls biked (which was adorable) and then ALL the girls got tired.  Here they are taking a break: 
too cute! being a preschooler is rough!

a tailgating, post work-out snack break
 Since MiniM.E. is a creature of habit, she requested playground and picnic after school today too.  So we headed to SPAC, did a bike loop, and found a new playground we've never tried.  Check it out in the back of this LittleL.G. photo: everything is nature inspired- fake rock steps, fake log climbers and slide supports, rope ladders... very cool.

Definitely our new favorite shade playground.

MiniM.E. wants to find them all.  I'll keep you posted!