Peerless Pool, A Baby Picnic in the Park & More Swimming

Monday we had the day to ourselves.  We are fortunate to have LOTS of friends and usually our weeks are packed with morning or afternoon (or sometimes one of each!) play dates and it seems like a struggle to see everyone as much as we would like.  Sometimes I think having so many people to see can put a strain on MiniM.E. because she gets overwhelmed fairly easily and sometimes just needs some down time.  This week we are having a more low-key week than usual, which is good because I think MiniM.E. is TIRED.  Summer tends to do that... it always seems glorious as the end of spring approaches: I can't wait for those lazy, laid back summer days!... And then our days get filled quickly and we travel and have visitors and it's hot and sometimes we stay up late and I think we all start feeling tired right around August.

So Monday we had a just Mommy-MiniM.E.-LittleL.G. playdate at the Peerless Pool.  No rushing to get out of the house because no one cared if we were going to be late.  No waiting to eat lunch even though the kids are hungry because not everyone is ready to eat yet.  No tears when it was time to go because other kids got to stay.  It was nice to spend time someplace with just the girls...

Tuesday we were very excited to meet our friends for a picnic at the Spa Park and see our friend T.'s new baby for the second time.  She was five weeks old and had gotten so much bigger-- but compared to LittleL.G. was still a peanut!

The girls had a great time playing and ended the picnic with some "doctoring" on the lawn and some ring-around-the-rosie.  I love these girls.

We spent the afternoon at home because the girls seemed to need a break from outings and did some more swimming in the yard.

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