Meamaw and Grandpa's Visit

After a series of canceled and delayed flights, Meamaw and Grandpa finally arrived at 3am.  Poor MiniM.E. was so excited to stay up and wait for them and go to the airport to pick them up... and then we told her they weren't coming until the next day so she would go to sleep... and they came while she was sleeping.  Fortunately she didn't seem too upset about not seeing them when they got here, but she asked to wake them up about thirty times between 6am and 10.

All was forgiven when she saw the presents they brought.  A doll for LittleL.G., books for both of them, and most exciting: matching outfits for MiniM.E. and Bitty Baby. 

I tried... this WAS the best photo of them dressed up.
 After some play time, a tricycle/balance bike walk and a nap we went to the beach:
LittleL.G. played in the sand

Meamaw and MiniM.E. made a castle
And we all went swimming.  After some burgers on the grill Daddy, Meamaw and Grandpa went to a concert and the girls all went to bed.

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