Liquid Planet

About half an hour away from my parents is a small water park with a big splash pad, a few slides and some other big kid activities like mini golf and a zip line.  It was going to be a beautiful day so we thought we'd try it out.  It was pretty awesome for little kids and I can't wait to go next year when LittleL.G. is a little braver.

The highlight for LittleL.G. was the water swings:

but MiniM.E. really liked them too:

They had cute little slides, and I was surprised MiniM.E. wasn't more excited about them

We started out at the splash pad and after a while tried to convince MiniM.E. to try the big waterslide.  The park only has four, and two were closed.  MiniM.E. is only tall enough that she could ride the big green one with an adult.  She was adamant that she DID NOT want to try it, but Gram and I knew she would love it... so we bribed her with some shaved ice.

Sure enough, she loved it and went down three more times!  The line was a bit long so it took 20 minutes or so to wait each time.  She probably would have kept going on it until the park closed, but she was getting tired and LittleL.G. needed a nap, so we packed up to go back home.  We will definitely have to go again next year!

After naps (the waterpark even tired out MiniM.E. and she slept on the way home!) we played outside.

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