Breakfast at the Track and Congress Park

Yesterday did some unpacking and played in the yard.

Today we went to the track to see the horses warm up.  The past few years we have gone multiple times to see the horses because MiniM.E. really seemed to love it and we were always up early anyway, but this year we haven't been at all.  I guess it takes longer to get two kids out of the house in the morning and we've been busy!

testing out the onbuhimo carrier Gram made us!
We stood and watched the horses for a while, but MiniM.E. was less excited about the horses than in the past.  I guess we have seen our fair share of horses and since she was hungry and we met our friends, breakfast and climbing stairs with a buddy were more exciting than horses warming up.
LittleL.G. was so excited to see the horses running and was really into standing at the fence watching them until....

She decided she wanted to ride one.  We are doing baby sign language with her like we did with MiniM.E. and she has a few solid (though hard to distinguish at times) signs: read, all done, more, and swing/ride/go on/do that.  The last one is used for lots of things.  She basically swings her arm back and forth, which originally, I took as "swing".  However, it quickly became the sign for "ride", "go on that", "go there" and "do that" (usually what MiniM.E. is doing).  Occasionally she also uses it for "milk".  So after the horses went around a few times LittleL.G. started swinging her arm around.  When it became clear to her that I wasn't putting her on a horse, she started fussing and when I obviously wasn't getting the picture she went rigid and refused to be held/stood on the ground/sat down.  So I had to wrap her up again to keep her calm.

After the track we went downtown for coffee and to meet up with our friend, her daughter and her new baby.  And I got the cutest tree photos ever!

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