Adirondack Animal Land

Yesterday we went to Adirondack Animal Land for the second time this summer.  MiniM.E. loves to see all the animals and is infatuated with the deer and LittleL.G. is happy to observe everything over my shoulder.

We were lucky to get there at the perfect time and the kangaroos were hungry and friendly! The kangaroos are my favorite animal and I was so excited to be able to get close.  I was so jealous of MiniM.E.'s tiny arms that could fit through the fence for kangaroo cuddles!

MiniM.E. likes the statues almost as well as the real animals

and the playground is a big hit too

"can we take these home?"

Meamaw feeding the giraffe

We had a great day with all the animals... except the capybaras.  If you remember this visit to Animal Land, MiniM.E. was most excited to feed the giant rodents with humongous teeth.  This time the capybaras were lazy and full and wanted nothing to do with MiniM.E.  In typical 3-year-old fashion, she was disappointed to the point of almost letting it ruin our whole trip.  She was still teary about it on the way home, but finally got over it and was happy that she at least got some kangaroo cuddles!

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