The Bronx Zoo

Yesterday instead of just packing up and heading home we might have been a little crazy and thought we'd just hit up the Bronx Zoo real quick since it was sort of on the way.  After the fun and tiring weekend we already had, why not add something else fun and tiring?

We had to grab a quick breakfast because we promised MiniM.E. we would take her back to her "favorite playground ever" before we had to check out at 11.  So we hit up the McDonald's on the corner.  On the way, we almost fed a squirrel.  He totally would have eaten this berry out of her hand, but she got nervous and threw it and he ran away.

It was nice to play in the morning without too many kids.

And then we drove to the zoo.  We were smart and bought the total experience tickets online which got us into way more stuff than just general admission.  Most importantly it let us ride the shuttle, which we utilized right away.  It is a BIG zoo.

Before she got too tired MiniM.E. wanted to see the Children's Zoo.  They had lots of great hands on activities for kids like seeing how far you could jump and what kind of animal also jumps that far and a giant spider web for climbing.
komodo dragon statue

prairie dog habitat

a log

tree slide

being turtles

hearing like a fennec fox

dominating the tractor in the petting zoo
 We figured MiniM.E. would wear out pretty quickly so we made sure to do all the things we thought she would love first.  Next on the list: Bug Carousel.
we were first in line so she got first choice of bugs!
 Then Butterfly Garden:

After the Butterfly Garden MiniM.E. was done.  It wasn't even 3 yet so we couldn't go home, but she rode in the stroller, ate some ice cream and we saw rhinos and giraffes and walked a lot and rode the Asian Monorail, which was a much needed rest at the end of the day for Mommy and Daddy and was neat because we saw lots of animals and didn't have to walk to see them.  The elephants were the best!

We were so tired by the end of the weekend but it was hugely successful and everyone had a great time.  So glad we went!

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