Hello July!

LittleL.G. is finally getting over a double ear infection from cutting her two top teeth.  But coming back from NH always messes up everyone's schedule for a day or so and MiniM.E. was really cranky when we got home.  So up she went:

Fortunately, she snapped out of it and was ready to play yesterday.

Then today Daddy had the day off to help me get ready for our big trip to NYC this weekend.  He had a few things to do too, so while Daddy mowed the lawn, we spent the afternoon playing in the pools.  It was LittleL.G.'s first time in her new tiny pool and it was much less intimidating (and much warmer!) than the other pools we had out this summer.  MiniM.E. has a new big pool too since our big pool sprung a leak I can't seem to fix.

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