Downtown and the Peerless Pool

Thursday the weather was beautiful.  Sunny and much cooler.  We haven't been downtown much this summer because it's been hot and LittleL.G. likes to be worn, which makes me hot.  MiniM.E. would prefer to be swimming anyway.  But once in a while she loves a ride on the carousel and she's always up for seeing if there are any new baby ducks.

We got really lucky because there was a mounted police officer in the park and we got to pet the horse, King Tut.  

Next it was on to the carousel.  LittleL.G. gets really excited about seeing the horses go round and round so I took her off so she could ride with MiniM.E.  Definitely NOT interested in actually riding the horses.  She wanted off before it even started.

We met our friends O. and M. in the park and the kids threw rocks in the stream together.  Rock throwing pictures are always adorable.

Yesterday we went to the Peerless Pool.  The water in the big pool was reasonably warm and we swam there for a while.

Last time we went the kiddie pool was even warmer, but this time it was so cold my feet were cramping.  Why wouldn't you make a pool for water-wary toddlers 60 degrees?  Needless to say LittleL.G. wanted nothing to do with it.  Surprisingly, MiniM.E. braved the water and waded for more than an hour.

We got tired of the cold and I thought maybe LittleL.G. would like to try out the big pool.

At least someone had a good time.

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