A Busy Wednesday

Yesterday we were itching to get out of the house and play so we took a trip to the library to return our books and movies and play in the playroom.

LittleL.G. just learned to cruise and has been standing holding on to anything she can find.  She loved playing at the library and watching all the kids.  Most of my photos were blurry because she is so active, but I had to post this one because it is just so adorable:

Then in the afternoon we decided to take a trip to the beach.  Because, why not?  It's less than 15 minutes from our house...

yay! beach!!

is that a FISH I just saw???

3pm is a magical time to arrive at the beach.  All the camp groups and most of the other beach goers are on their way home.  The beach is almost empty.  It is warm out and the water is nice.  And most importantly, we didn't have to pack a lunch!  This could be a very regular outing for us...

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