The Friendly Farm

For the past two years (here and here) the Friendly Farm has been a tradition during an early summer trip to Gram and Grumpy's house.  MiniM.E. remembers and has been so excited to feed the goats and baby cows.

Planning for the trip to Dublin (almost an hour and a half away) was a little tricky this year.  In past years we drove in the morning and planned to drive home for MiniM.E.'s afternoon nap.  With sleep training LittleL.G. we decided the best thing to do would be to drive down for her afternoon nap and plan to drive back around 6 when she would normally go to sleep for the night.

Our trip started out a little rocky.  The van was making a funny noise and we decided to have Grumpy bring us the other car in case it wasn't safe.  But LittleL.G. was sleeping in the van.  She didn't transfer successfully so she cried the rest of the way to the farm.  Also, in the transfer of all the stuff from van to car, we lost a shoe, so when we got the farm MiniM.E. didn't have shoes to wear. Auntie Jen leant us some socks so MiniM.E. would have a double layer and surprisingly, MiniM.E. took it in stride and didn't throw a fit.  The time we spent at the farm was great- going in the afternoon there were only a few other families there and MiniM.E. got to do everything she hoped.

cow kisses!

2-day old goat cuddles

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