Beach Afternoon

Wednesday morning we went to the sprayground to play.  Unfortunately, despite abundant sunshine, it was nowhere near warm enough to use the sprinklers.  And then there was the ridiculous number of elementary school kids that walked over from the school down the street.  So we just played a little at the playground.  Then later in the day, MiniM.E. was so upset that we didn't get to go in the sprinklers, that we decided to go back.  So we spent the afternoon with MiniM.E. playing in the sprinklers and LittleL.G. playing in a bucket of water.  I took zero photos of these two trips to the sprayground.  Maybe I'm slipping... Or it could be lack of sleep...


LittleL.G. has a double ear infection.  Which is extremely frustrating because she's had a low grade fever and her fingers in her ears for two weeks but when I took her to the doctor last Friday, they concluded "just teething".  Yesterday when I took her back (to another doctor in our practice) she definitely had a raging ear infection in one ear and the other not far behind- likely from teething.  So frustrating.  At least she is on the mend now and I can look forward to nights with more than two hour blocks of sleep in the near future.

Since the doctor's appointment took up our morning activity block, I took the girls to the beach in the afternoon because MiniM.E. has been dying to go.

It was definitely NOT a beach afternoon.  The plus side: we had the beach to ourselves.  The downsides: too cold to swim, too windy to play much in the sand, and it started raining an hour in.

Both the girls had fun playing in the sand, and MiniM.E. even went all the way in the water.  I thought it was a pretty decent, though short lived, beach afternoon.  As we were driving back in the drizzzle, however, MiniM.E. sternly stated, "I didn't have ANY fun at the beach today."  *sigh* Oh well.  Better luck next time.

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