A Girls' Weekend

Friday Bob left right after work to drive down to Long Island to visit his brother so all day Friday and Saturday were just Mommy-MiniM.E.-LittleL.G. time.

MiniM.E. wanted to go out on a puddle-hunting walk. It was mostly hunting because even though it rained in the morning, it wasn't a whole lot of rain... 

We played at a friend from school's house in the afternoon.  They have a fantastic outdoor playhouse complete with hair dressing station:

Saturday morning we had some inside time and MiniM.E. read to LittleL.G. in a tent (so cute)

The highlight of our day was going downtown to see the ducks and ride the carousel.  The park was crowded today so we couldn't even get close to the baby ducks.  Instead of picking up baby ducks MiniM.E. decided to climb a tree.  I took some cute "I'm in a tree" photos.

I tried to take some mom-selfies... but the girls didn't cooperate very well...

We took a few carousel rides.  MiniM.E. tested it out first to see how fast it was going today.

Then she wanted to help LittleL.G. ride.  I am so lucky I have such a responsible, caring, three and a half year old and I can trust her to help LittleL.G.   They were so cute!  LittleL.G. wasn't too sure while she was riding, but reached for the horses when we were leaving.

We had a great Mommy-Daughter Saturday! 

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