Congratulations! You Made It Through The Whole Year!

Since the beginning of the month MiniM.E. has been looking forward to preschool graduation.  Possibly because she likes events and really enjoys the anticipation of something fun, but more likely because she made it through the whole year and after graduation there's just a playground party day.  No more school for the whole summer.  

I am so proud of her for making it through the whole year of school. Compared to the first couple weeks full of crying and tears, she has really come a long way.  She looks forward to school and loves her teacher, talks about her friends and always has a good time... even though she was still crying at drop off on Monday.  She is really proud of herself too.  In our anticipation of graduation where I pretend to be her teacher and she is graduating, I always have to say, "Congratulations! You made it through the whole year!"  It was so important to her that I said it that way every time I had to let Mrs. O'Shea know that's what she had to say too.  She knows MiniM.E. and was on board.

The kids had a regular day for the first half of preschool yesterday and then walked over to the room that graduation would be held in.  Most of the parents and some grandparents (like Gram) met the kids over there.

It started with a slideshow of photos from the whole year (bring on the tears moms!)

And then each student was called up to receive their graduation award and get a hug from Mrs. O'Shea:

As usual, MiniM.E. was contemplative and less than smiley for the whole event, but I know she'll be talking about it for days and how much fun it was.

Gram brought flowers

A congratulations hug

Miss you over the summer!
After a year together MiniM.E. loves Mrs. O'Shea.  We are fortunate that MiniM.E. will have Mrs. O'Shea as a teacher next year too.  Already she says she will miss school over the summer, though I know a big part of her is relieved that she has a few months free from school.

Congratulations MiniM.E.!!

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