A BBQ, A Playground and A Kitchen Sink

Last night we had a BBQ with our neighbors.  It is so nice to live in a quiet, kid-friendly neighborhood.  Being that we moved in almost exactly a year ago, we worked on the house a lot during the first summer and being that I was enormously pregnant and didn't want to do a lot of walking out in the mid-day heat, didn't meet a lot of neighbors before October, when LittleL.G. arrived.  And then we had THE WINTER.  These neighbors I actually did meet last summer and our girls play well together and it's nice to just walk down the street to play.  Hopefully we'll meet more neighbors this year.

the babies
 Today we went to MiniM.E.'s favorite playground, West Side Rec.  She loves it all the time, but in the summer, the sprayground opens- she loves the sprinklers (even though half the time it is too cold or there are too many kids).  It is a nice option and can definitely extend our stay.  And it is especially nice for moms that get hot at playgrounds too!  Unfortunately, they aren't open yet...
the BIG slide

After a sunscreen and dirt filled day like today, the kids needed a bath, and I wanted to try LittleL.G. in the kitchen sink because sometimes it's the easiest place... Someone else was jealous:

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