Happy Easter!

The girls had a great time in NH.  Friday the weather was nice and we spent some time outside.

Saturday there was a city-wide Easter Egg Hunt downtown at the State House.  I usually think of day-before-Easter weather as warm and sunny but it was cold and rainy.  Oh well, we braved it anyway. There were a lot of kids and some waiting...

We met C & H there and H was obviously much more excited about egg hunting in the cold than MiniM.E.

But once the hunt was on, MiniM.E. was in her element and loved it.

We had to book it out of there pretty quickly as the rain and wind started, but it was fun to go.

Easter Sunday was great.  We skipped church because LittleL.G. had a cold and probably would have lasted ten minutes, and MiniM.E. was anxious about going anyway.  I did dress them up in their fancy clothes, but my best photo was far from the best of the day.

LittleL.G. rocking one of the springtime outfits I wore as a baby

Auntie Jen spent the day with us and played photographer, and I might just have to hire her to come live at our house and document the kids because she does a great job... I don't even have to caption what we did- here is our Easter in photos.

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