Half Birthdays

MiniM.E. is very interested in just how old LittleL.G. is every day.  "Is she still five months old?" "When will she be one year old?" "How many weeks is she?"

So since LittleL.G. turned five months, MiniM.E. has been very excited that six months was coming up.  Six months is a big deal because it's half a year.

LittleL.G. turned half a year on Monday.  I can't believe she's already six months old!!

Six months came with a terrible cold, the beginnings of crawling and two new teeth!  So grown up!

All the half year talk started MiniM.E. thinking about when she was going to be three and a half. And let me tell you... I don't think she was as excited for any of her birthdays as she was to turn three and a half. She turned three and a half yesterday.  We made half a cake and sang happy birthday.  She told her teacher at school and she made a big deal about it too.  And now MiniM.E. has grown up so much since being "just three": no more sippy cups, no more booster seat, solo bathroom trips, going down the big slide at school, riding her balance bike and a myriad of other things that she is constantly announcing she can do because now she is three and a half.  It's pretty adorable.  She tells everyone we see (even strangers) that she is three and a half and couldn't be prouder of herself.  Now she tells me things that will happen when she's four: "I'll probably have to wear adult clothes and maybe go to elementary school.  Maybe I can learn to drive a car and I can cook my own food..."

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