Foster's Sheep Farm & The School Art Show

Our neighbors told us about a local farm that produces wool and yarn.  They visited recently because it is lambing season.  Because they are a working farm, they don't get a lot of visitors, but are happy to have people come to visit the lambs and see the sheep, learn a little about how wool is made into yarn and visit the yarn store.

So today, we went to see the baby sheep.

While most of the ewes were very protective of their babies and most of the babies were very timid since they aren't used to visitors, we did get to pet a few lambs that the owner took out for us to see.  We also fed some adolescent sheep, saw the moms, met an overprotective llama and viewed the testy dads from afar.  MiniM.E. loved seeing the sheep and asked if we could go back every day!

babies watching us from afar

feeding some adolescents

buying some wool for felting.  No joke.
After the sheep farm we went to the nature playground that was nearby- the same one we went to when we went fruit picking last summer.  MiniM.E. and our friends had a great time playing in the sun:

To top off a great morning, we had MiniM.E.'s school art show in the evening.  MiniM.E. was so excited to see her artwork displayed and even with a sheep farm and awesome playground said, "You know what the best part of my day is? This." And cried when we had to leave because she wanted the art show to keep going.  It was SO ADORABLE I almost wanted to cry.

this excited.

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