A Happy 4th Birthday Party

Saturday we went to a 4th birthday party.  I can't believe this little girl is four already.  It was our fourth time celebrating a birthday with her and she has grown from a tiny baby to a little girl.  Her birthday in particular is always makes me sad that our little girls are growing up- MiniM.E.'s half birthday is just four days later (and now LittleL.G.'s will be just two!) and knowing we are halfway to another year older makes me want to freeze time right now.

But back to the party.  It was a nice small party with just our three girls and H.'s grandparents.  They all had a blast eating cake and pizza and playing and running around.  It is nice that they all play together now.

excited for cake!

all the girls

LittleL.G. having a great time wearing a sweater my mom knit for me when I was a baby!
Only six months and we'll be having a party for our little four-year-old.  Everyone said it would fly by... and as much as I hate to admit it, they were right.

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