Goodbye April

April ended with a visit from Gram to help while I had my second leg surgery, 

Hide and seek with friends:

A visit to Gavin Park:

A visit to the Dairy Haus:

And LittleL.G. figuring out how to drink with a straw...

 ...and stand up in her crib!


World Awareness Children's Museum

Yesterday we went to the Glens Falls World Awareness Children's Museum.  We've been meaning to test it out as an option for cold or rainy days and we finally made it there.  It was a really cute museum and MiniM.E. and her friend E. had a great time playing.  There was a cultural dance theater:

A dragon boat:

with a drum:

A Parisien cafe:

An instrument room, a Japanese tea room, a Nigerian marketplace and lots of other things to keep kids occupied for a couple hours.  It was a great place to play and offered a lot of learning opportunities, even for our little girls.  We will definitely add it to our list of fun indoor play places!


Lots of Exciting Things

Wednesday was our last gymnastics class until the fall and MiniM.E. got to hang from the rings:

The drain at the bottom of our driveway has had a huge hole since we moved in and they finally fixed it, making for a good half hour of fun watching them work while we sat in the car with LittleL.G. napping:

Our bird house has eggs:

And I finally (sort of) got a (blurry) photo of LittleL.G.'s teeth!



MiniM.E. had her Trike-A-Thon at school yesterday.  She was so excited about it all week.

We arrived at school in a flurry of snow(!?!? I guess my complaining about skipping spring worked!) so it was a little cold to make spectating enjoyable, but worth it to MiniM.E. and her classmates ride around the track at school on their little trikes.

MiniM.E. was so proud of herself for being one of the only kids at school that could ride all by herself and she went around twice!

I guess it made me bike crazy because while she was at school I went to a local consignment sale and picked these up...

Then I had to head to Target to pick up a baby helmet so LittleL.G. can bike with us too:

We need some extra items to install the bike seat, but even though she's about 6" too short for it, MiniM.E. got a kick out of riding the third wheel with Daddy today.


When Babies Get Sick

Monday LittleL.G. did some serious playing, first at the mall playground where she watched all the kids running around and tried really hard to climb things... no success...

Tuesday morning I had a reminder of how insanely ridiculous illness can be in baby-time.

6:00: wake up for the day.  Act cranky all morning

8:45: refuse to nap anywhere except on Mommy

9:45: play like no one's business and act completely normal

10:45: throw up

11:00: take unexpected second morning nap

11:30: wake up and throw up

11:40: can't stay awake

12:30: wake up and act totally normal
And that was it.  Crazy.

A (Balance) Bike Ride

After LittleL.G.'s sick morning, we met our friends at a local bike trail so the girls could practice riding their balance bikes.  It was adorable and they all did a great job balancing.

But after a while they all got tired of riding.  So glad for our double jogging stroller...


A Nice Spring Weekend

We spent a lot of this weekend getting some yard work done since spring just crept up on us after the long winter.  Actually, I should say Bob spent a lot of this weekend doing yard work and I spent a lot of the weekend watching the girls.  We did have some friends over last night for a BBQ and today we took a nice afternoon walk downtown.


Did We Just Skip Spring?

And head right into summer?  I have been complaining about how long winter has been for months.  And I think it is finally over.  And might have lasted so long that we just skipped spring altogether.  This week the weather has been beautiful - 70's beautiful.  There were a few times when I actually felt hot- a welcome change from always having to warm up the car and feeling like my fingers were going to fall off.

So before it gets too hot to be out in the sun all day, that is what we have been doing-- spending as much time in the sun as possible.

Whenever we are home- outside:
"too sunny! TOO SUNNY!"
"we have to play out here ALL SUMMER?"
 We took our first trip to the Gavin Park Playground:

And our first trip to West Side Rec:

LittleL.G. in her first "real-little-kid-swing"
We took a walk at the Spa Park and tested out our new jogging stroller with a friend:

And have been spending tons of time in the yard:

It is so fun to see LittleL.G. watching her big sister play and it is so nice for all of us to get some fresh air... now if only the fresh air would make my little one sleep more... 


Foster's Sheep Farm & The School Art Show

Our neighbors told us about a local farm that produces wool and yarn.  They visited recently because it is lambing season.  Because they are a working farm, they don't get a lot of visitors, but are happy to have people come to visit the lambs and see the sheep, learn a little about how wool is made into yarn and visit the yarn store.

So today, we went to see the baby sheep.

While most of the ewes were very protective of their babies and most of the babies were very timid since they aren't used to visitors, we did get to pet a few lambs that the owner took out for us to see.  We also fed some adolescent sheep, saw the moms, met an overprotective llama and viewed the testy dads from afar.  MiniM.E. loved seeing the sheep and asked if we could go back every day!

babies watching us from afar

feeding some adolescents

buying some wool for felting.  No joke.
After the sheep farm we went to the nature playground that was nearby- the same one we went to when we went fruit picking last summer.  MiniM.E. and our friends had a great time playing in the sun:

To top off a great morning, we had MiniM.E.'s school art show in the evening.  MiniM.E. was so excited to see her artwork displayed and even with a sheep farm and awesome playground said, "You know what the best part of my day is? This." And cried when we had to leave because she wanted the art show to keep going.  It was SO ADORABLE I almost wanted to cry.

this excited.