Photos With the Easter Bunny

I have to say I have never really understood how the Easter Bunny came to be a grown man in a bunny suit at the mall.  Or the enchantment of a giant bunny somehow coming into your house to leave a basket or hide eggs (do you leave the door unlocked or does he break in?).  I always thought it would be cuter if the Easter Bunny was, in fact, a bunny.  Maybe one that pooped chocolate eggs?  

Well, someone finally got it right.  Healthy Living partnered with a Eagle Ridge Farm to bring live Angora Rabbits to the mall for Easter Photos.

Cutest idea ever.  The giant floppy rabbits loved being held and all the kids got a kick out of it.  The line was so long it went through half the mall.  

Fortunately, MiniM.E. was so excited that she kept pestering us to leave so we got there half and hour early and beat the crowds.  UNfortunately, it was a little stressful to sit the girls up with a bunny seeing as how LittleL.G. is still pretty new to the sitting thing and they had the girls sitting on metal chairs on a tile floor.  I really wanted to snap my own photos but it was a quick sitting and I had to be on top of LittleL.G. so we only got the photo they snapped and printed.  I don't think they did a very good job editing, but it's still a pretty cute photo of the girls with a bunny.

Happy Easter!

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