Lake Placid

Even though we only live two hours away from Lake Placid, we had never been.  We've heard great things about the cute little town in the Adirondacks from all our friends who seem to drive up at least once a year, but for some reason we never made the trip.  After we missed out on the dog sled rides at Lake George, we HAD to find a dog sled ride before the end of the winter, and Lake Placid was the place to go.

We are borrowing the van from my parents for a bit and MiniM.E. just got a new car seat so we were hoping the two hour drive would be pretty easy with a comfy kid that could watch movies the whole way.  Not fifteen minutes into the trip MiniM.E. started asking, "how many more minutes until we get there?" She repeated that question between one and ten times a minute until we arrived.  Despite the obnoxious questioning, she was otherwise good and LittleL.G. slept the whole time.

We met our friends there and started out with brunch at the Breakfast Club.  The girls chowed down on waffles and we all got delicious breakfast food from sausage and biscuits to egg sandwiches.

LittleL.G. ate her doll

The girls were beyond excited for the dogsled ride, so we finished up and took a walk down main street to find them.  The forecast didn't look good, but the "wintry mix" held off and the temperature was mild so it was a really pleasant day to walk around.

The dogsled ride was, hands down, the highlight of MiniM.E.'s winter.  (I was almost as excited...)  LittleL.G. slept through it... and Bob just wanted to watch.  The girls loved it so much they went twice and as soon as MiniM.E. got off the sled after the second ride, she asked to go again.  We will definitely be doing it again next year!

After the dogsled ride we did some shopping on Main Street then headed to the lake for some ice skating.  Even though the ice was bumpy and slushy, all the kids had a great time-- especially on the sled.

LittleL.G. was so excited to watch the girls skate around

We changed into dry clothes and stopped at the Lake Placid Brewery for a drink and a snack.  Best. Place. Ever.  They had a play room for the kids, so after they had a snack they played while the grown ups enjoyed a nice break.

Best Saturday ever.  We'll definitely be heading back to Lake Placid soon!

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