Lake George Winterfest

I'm not sure that there is anyone who is excited enough about the winter we've had to have a festival celebrating it.  Even skiiers and snowboarders might be excited about all the snow, but what about those below freezing windchills?  Apparently there are enough people in Lake George who love winter so much they had not only a weekend, but an entire month of winter festivities.

The festival ran the whole month of February (mostly on weekends) and we thought since yesterday the temps were fairly reasonable, we'd give it a try.  The agenda for Saturday was dog sled rides on the lake and fireworks at dusk.  We had our last skating class on Saturday, so we thought we'd go up after skating at about 4 and hang around until fireworks at 6.

(Side note:  MiniM.E. made huge progress at skating.  Not that she's "racing around the rink" yet...)

It was really cool to be out on the frozen lake, but without trees or buildings, even 27 seemed pretty cold... I guess the sled dogs thought so too because by the time we got there, they were too cold and had already packed up.  Now we have to make a trip up to Lake Placid sometime because they have dogsled rides there and MiniM.E. really wants to be pulled on a sled by puppies.

We got to see some ice blocks pulled up from the lake, a helicopter and lots of snowmobiles.  There was a super slippery spot too, which was fun for ten minutes or so.  I took lots of videos and photos, but my phone thought it was ice-pocalypse and kept dying from being too cold so I only have a few photos that actually took (or saved?)

The novelty of standing out in the cold on a frozen lake only lasted fifteen minutes or so and then it was... 4:15.  Only an hour and forty-five minutes until fireworks!

I can't even tell there are kids in there!

s'more grown up selfie

MiniM.E. was a real trooper and suffered quietly, and LittleL.G. was wrapped on me and only woke up a few times to realize it was still cold and we were still outside before shutting down and sleeping again.

The highlight of the evening was the wish lanterns (which of course we broke down and bought because what else was there to do?!?!) and MiniM.E. was really excited about them even though she couldn't really participate because of the fire aspect.

6:00 finally came and we saw the fireworks.  Which were, eh, fireworks.  MiniM.E. LOVED them, especially because the snow dampened the noise and they were very quiet.

Next year, going to get there at 5:55, get out to watch the fireworks and leave the car running!  Brrrrr!!!!

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