Happy Birthday to Me!

Monday was my birthday.  I am not a huge fan of my birthday, though the occasional present is nice and who doesn't want a good excuse to eat cake??  But this made my day:

I also had a great Starbucks date with this girl:

Other than that, sleep deprivation has been getting the best of me so I didn't really enjoy the day.  Both girls have been getting up at 5:30 and neither sleeps through the night.  We are sleep training LittleL.G., and getting to sleep is now a breeze (go LittleL.G.!!)- we can just dump her in the crib-- the problem is getting her to stay asleep.

This happens pretty frequently:

So we are introducing some solids to see if that keeps her belly full a little longer:

I have to say, even if I didn't have the most fantastic day on my birthday, I am so excited for my 33rd year with my incredible girls!

1st stroller ride for LittleL.G.

LOL! Even when this one looks like this.

My favorite thing right now is this:

Only MiniM.E. can get her to laugh and it kills me every time!

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