Skiing Sunday and ANOTHER Snow Day Monday

Yesterday, since everyone was feeling better, the weather was reasonably warm (read above 20), and it was supposed to snow, we decided to go skiing!  We haven't been since last year because we've been skating on Saturdays and every Sunday has been freezing cold.  MiniM.E. was SO EXCITED she wanted to leave at 7:30.  Due to poor preparedness on our part we didn't end up leaving until after 11 because we didn't have a ski rack or bungee cords to get our skis to the ski area AND Bob had to snowblow the driveway.  No big deal we were there just in time for the lunch rush which meant zero table space.  So we found these bar stools tucked away in the corner and got ready there.

We bundled up the kids and Bob got on his ski gear and we headed to the magic carpet.  Huge progress over last year: MiniM.E. can stand up on her skis!

watching the action- never too early to start!

a successful trip down the mountain! 

In other news, I cannot believe how much LittleL.G. is growing!  She graduated to her own seat at the dinner table, which makes eating so much easier for me since her previous dinnertime location was my lap.  And she now loves being on her stomach and exploring the world from a new viewpoint.  She's "floor swimming" and can pull herself along on the wooden floor!

And here we are on a second snow day Monday, no classes, no school (which MiniM.E. is thrilled about!) watching it snow and snow and snow... Still a lot more winter to go!

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