NH Weekend

This past weekend we drove to NH to see Gram and Grumpy and visit with Auntie Jen and her boyfriend who was visiting from VA.

There's a lot of snow here too and they got another foot or so while we were there from yet another weekend storm.  It was pretty cold though, so we spent most of our weekend relaxing inside.
sister cuddles

After the storm, Daddy and Grumpy braved the cold with MiniM.E. and went out tubing.
tubing around the circle

Even though we spent a lot of time inside, the girls kept busy with fun things like...
a tandem rocking horse ride

playing "Where's LittleL.G?"
MiniM.E. went in the hot tub with Gram on what was probably the coldest night of the year and was so excited about her hair freezing in the cold air!  We went with her the next day, but it wasn't quite as cold and the sun was shining, so no freezing hair for Mommy and Daddy... 
hot tub in the snow!
Having so much fun at Gram and Grumpy's really tires the girls out!

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