More Winter...

While everyone was getting over being sick, we spent a lot of time inside taking long daytime baths, having pajama days, and cuddling.

sparkle snow! 

The other morning, MiniM.E. and LittleL.G. were so adorable cuddling in our bed.  And even though I took 20+ photos, here is a funny example of how I can't get them both to smile at the same time... LittleL.G. is super smiley, but always ruins the photos where MiniM.E. is smiling by moving too much.  And MiniM.E. has a hard time just looking happy without making funny faces.
the best of all the photos

We did go a little stir crazy and venture out to the mall where LittleL.G. "played" at the play place for the first time.

a MiniM.E. photo
Fortunately we are all feeling a lot better now!

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