It's Still Winter...

And we haven't been doing much exciting while we wait for it to get warmer out...

Occasionally MiniM.E. comes up with a crazy idea for an activity.  Most often it's something like, "Mommy, why don't you put on your bathing suit and have a fashion show?"  Ummm... let's think about that... No.  But, "let's feed LittleL.G. some food!!" seemed relatively harmless.  LittleL.G. watches us eat as if it was the most interesting activity on the planet, and often times making exaggerated eating faces gets some pretty cute giggles.  Some babies start food at 4 months, so I thought, "why not? Maybe it will help her take some naps that last longer than 15 minutes!"

MiniM.E. was very patient as LittleL.G. tested it out... 

this face says it all
Turns out LittleL.G. loves having the food in her mouth and drooling all over it if you hold it there for her but she has zero interest in actually consuming any food item.  She is just as happy chewing on the edge of the table.  Eh, it was a fun activity for MiniM.E.

Bob's brother visited over the weekend and he and Bob spent some time with MiniM.E. (but without Mommy, so no photos), and they went out together and I had some MiniM.E., LittleL.G. & Mommy time.  The girls have actually been going to bed pretty well and usually both are down by 7:30, but of course, the night I have them on my own MiniM.E. stayed up an hour later than usual, and LittleL.G. was still making pterodactyl noises in her swing at 9:30...  While we were up, MiniM.E. had another "fun idea" and wanted to play "beach" in the tub and insisted on wearing her bathing suit.
just doing some relaxin'
LittleL.G. was very confused.

Sunday afternoon it was 36 so we went downtown to enjoy the tropical weather, but surprisingly, it wasn't quite as warm as we hoped it would be and we didn't last long- just a quick trip to the toy store and walk up and down Broadway.  I planned on lots of photos at the park, but the sidewalks there weren't plowed well and once we left the shelter of the buildings it was windy.  And, well... cold!

Our excitement of the week so far was a tea party with our friends for lunch yesterday.

Hoping it warms up soon, because I am not motivated to to ANYTHING...

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