Backyard Sledding

Mother nature has dumped a three year old's dream on us.  Feet and feet of snow.  MiniM.E. gets so excited whenever it snows.  Especially lately, since any snow we've gotten up until a week or so ago has been for looking only since it's been so cold out.

Unfortunately, MiniM.E. sees the snow and immediately thinks "snowman!" but it isn't snowman snow... and she wants to play in it, but as soon as she gets in the snow, she is IN the snow.  Like in up to her waist.  Which means that all she can do is be IN because she can't do other fun snow things if she can't walk... 

So after Daddy shoveled off deck and I saw a huge pile of snow in the yard, I knew I had to do something fun so MiniM.E. could actually play in the snow.

We have yet to venture out sledding with LittleL.G. because even though she is plenty happy to be out in the cold winter air, MiniM.E. is a very demanding sledding companion, often requiring a tow up the hill while riding the sled and many times requiring a riding partner... Neither of which I am excited to do with a baby strapped to my chest.

And so, on a cold snowy night after the kids were asleep I took a shovel and got to work.

I shoveled a path from our driveway to our backyard so MiniM.E. could walk out back by herself.  (Which took about 14 times longer than expected)  And then I built this:

And spent half an hour sledding on it *to break it in and make sure it was safe* and also because sledding is fun.  I could have gone to bed early... but it was so worth it.

So yesterday we had a friend over and got all bundled up, baby and all...
A. "babysitting"
Mommy's quick "test-run"
MiniM.E. didn't want to use the saucer and I didn't forsee this happening with our plastic sled:

But she didn't seem to mind and was excited to do it again.  I fixed it so it was a little smoother.

the waist-deep on a 3 year old snow

that was a good run!

snow chairs!

I'm not sure, but I don't know a whole lot of moms who make backyard sledding hills for their 3 year olds since they can't go sledding during the week because they have a new baby.  I mean, maybe there... but I'd like to think I am one of the few and give myself some mom-props!

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