New Activities for a New Year

MiniM.E. has been doing the same activities for a while.  This year we decided to switch it up and try some new activities.

We will be taking a new music class starting on Monday.  We didn't do Kindermusic this year (even though we loved it) because at 3 kids have to participate without a parent, and school is enough to do without Mommy for MiniM.E.  This music class is a family class, so we can all participate, even LittleL.G.

MiniM.E. is also trying soccer for the first time:
MiniM.E. was a little intimidated as the only girl in a class of 12 other 3-5 year old boys, but she did a great job and is excited about next week.  We've been practicing our "tick-tock" dribbling around the house.

We also started ice skating yesterday with the brand new ice skates MiniM.E. got for Christmas.  MiniM.E. isn't so sure about it yet, but considering she couldn't even stand up off the ice at the beginning of class, we're making huge progress.

Go MiniM.E.!  Way to try new things in the new year!

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