More Winter

Since having kids, the end of January marks the time where I start to go a little crazy and am itching for spring.  This year I'm feeling especially stir crazy.  I think it's because there have been so many freezing cold days- too cold to go out and play, and on days where it was warm enough there wasn't any snow to play in or it was raining.  

It feels like we've been really busy even though I can't put my finger on what we've been busy doing.  Sitting inside?  Probably.

We did go to a birthday party at the Saratoga Children's Museum.
cutest fire woman ever!
We've been experimenting with new inside activities.  Tapioca pearls (edible water beads) are a huge hit! I saw the activity here.  It was amazing- kept MiniM.E. occupied for hours.  Actual ones, not "hours" which in preschool language is the equivalent of 5 minutes.

And we've been testing out "exercise swap" with a mommy-three-year-old pair where moms trade of exercising and watching kids for half and hour each while the preschoolers sit on the couch and watch Daniel Tiger... Hey it's early in the morning in the winter. 

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