Happy New Year!

We have not stayed up for New Years since having kids.  This year, for the first time in four years, we stayed up... even PAST midnight!  We went to our friends' house and had a "sleepover" with our family and theirs- our three year olds' first sleepover.  The girls thought they stayed up until midnight with the help of Madagascar's countdown, and MiniM.E. could not have been more excited to stay up late and toast with "fizzy juice".

New Year's Day cuddles
 Since the new year, things have been quiet as we get back to everyday life.  MiniM.E. has been pretty upset that it isn't Christmas anymore, and I also have a bit of the post-Christmas blues.  I'm postponing taking down the tree to make the season last as long as possible.

At least having the tree up too long gave us a chance to get in our annual family Christmas photo.  And yes, this is the best one...

In other news, LittleL.G. made her debut in the jumperoo at the insistence of MiniM.E. and loves it for five minutes at a time:

And MiniM.E. got a stylish new haircut:

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