Happy 3 Months LittleL.G.!

LittleL.G. is 3 months today.  It has flown by.  I remember the days of MiniM.E.'s first three monthsfelt long, especially before she could smile.  But with LittleL.G. weeks go by in a flash!
It is also fun to see LittleL.G. growing into her own person.  I used to think that she looked just like a Mini MiniM.E. but she is so different now.

MiniM.E. at 3 months

LittleL.G. at 3 months

LittleL.G. is such a mellow, happy baby.  She is curious and alert.  She loves her playmat and her swing.  We're starting the bumbo and she's spending more time in the jumper.  And she loves cuddling and watching TV with MiniM.E.

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