Baby Wearing

When MiniM.E. was an infant she was pretty temperamental (read: cried whenever she was awake).  After a few months she was happier, she loved attention and required it almost all the time.  I was lucky if I could squeeze in a crying-free ten minute shower.  She was rarely content to just be held or bounced and loved her play mat and jumper but only if someone was watching her do it.

LittleL.G. is a much happier baby and more independent (she has to be, I guess).  One of the things I love most about her temperament is that she loves to be held and cuddled and snuggled.  She is happy to be carried around and watch MiniM.E. do whatever she does as long as she isn't hungry or tired.  But sometimes it would be nice if I had BOTH my hands...

Since I only put MiniM.E. in a carrier a few (miserable) times, I never really tried out other methods of "baby wearing".  I knew I would need a convenient way to hold LittleL.G. and still have hands free for MiniM.E. so this time around we bought an Ergo (which I LOVE).  I use that when we're out and about and it's fantastic because I can discreetly nurse her in there too.  I borrowed a few woven wraps from a baby wearing friend and recently started using them more and I am a total convert.  We have been practicing a lot with the woven wraps and my mom bought me my own for my birthday.  It was love at first wrap.  LittleL.G. loves to be snuggled up against me and its so convenient for having hands free to play with MiniM.E.

Practicing with MiniM.E... guess she likes it now too!  First nap in months!

I can wear them both!

cuddling our new wrap

breaking it in as a hammock

all snuggled up

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