Merry Christmas!

This Christmas MiniM.E. was far more excited than the previous three.  She's been looking forward to it since October, and the addition of Baby#2 made it even more exciting for her- lots of exclaiming over how exciting it was that it was going to be Baby#2's FIRST CHRISTMAS!

She tried to wake us up at 5 am, but after such a late night, I knew that she would be a monster by 11am if I let her stay up, so we convinced her to go back to sleep until 7:30.

Here she is (crawling?) down the hallway to see all the presents in the living room:

First we saw that Santa came and left MiniM.E. a really sweet note in response to this letter that she sent him on Christmas Eve:
(Dear Santa, More trains please, Molly)
opening her stocking

watching the action

yay! trains!!

So cute in matching pajamas!

Then we opened a few more presents before we convinced MiniM.E. to take a break for breakfast:

MiniM.E. was really excited for Baby#2 to open the present she picked out for her:

This year was the first year, possibly ever in my 31 Christmases, that all the presents were NOT open by noon.  MiniM.E. was really excited to open everything and play with it and even took breaks to play with toys that weren't new.  Baby#2 seemed really alert and into watching all the action, which was impressive because on MiniM.E.'s first Christmas she slept the whole day.

But then by the time we were working on opening the rest of the presents after lunch so we'd be done opening by dinner time, Baby#2 had fallen asleep and slept straight through the entire rest of the day.

We had a great Christmas dinner and MiniM.E. sang Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus (another yearly tradition).

Definitely the best Christmas yet!

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